Saturday, December 6, 2014


On monday morning Elder Medina woke up with Chickenpox. Being the last week before the big christmas conferences, we all had a ton to do and on top of that, one of us had to always be in the house with Elder Medina. All this week we took turns staying in the house. So with the little time we had to be in the office or out doing stuff, we were running and doing things as quickly as possible.

We still have to make a video about christmas to show everyone, make a slide show of the mission, plan a skit, and translate Sister Bluth´s favorite Christmas story book. By tomorrow night.

During the days that I had to be inside with Elder Medina, I have almost finished Jesus the Christ. I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn´t read it yet. I also made a big list of all the scripture references that I´ve used during my time on the mission. I turned it into a nice little excel file and taped it into my BoM. I have waited my entire mission to do that and I finally had time this week. I am only now realizing how much you can do with just a couple extra hours in the day. I am also realizing how little time we normally have as missionaries.

On friday I had to walk around downtown ConcepciĆ³n with about one thousand dollars worth in Chilean cash and buy a bunch of books from a couple of guys in a parking lot. I don´t know how I keep getting myself into such vulnerable situations.

For Pday today we are going to get a head start on filming the video and pretend to know what we are doing.

Elder Thompson

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