Monday, June 29, 2015

4 of 5

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

This week was good but it was unfair how fast it went by. We had a bunch of really good appointments set up but a lot of them fell so we ended up accidentally finding and teaching a bunch of less actives. It seems like every one of our coolest news turns out to be a member. And they almost all left the church because of another member that looked at them wrong or that didn't say hi to them or had some embarrassing situation. So we explain to them why we have a church, talk a little about the atonement, and by then they realize they are failing their second estate and that taking the sacrament is totally worth all the embarrassment or whatever they might otherwise avoid. It's almost the same thing every time. But we are getting good at just getting the point.

On thursday the Area President, Elder Gonzalez came to Los Angeles and had a conference with our mission. It was super good. Elder Gonzalez is really "choro" as they would say here. I think that would translate to direct, to the point, without sugar or anything. It was very inspiring.

On sunday I wasn't going to tell anyone it was my birthday because I had forgotten until that morning when I was filling in the date on something so I didn't want to be "that guy" and tell everyone it was my birthday to make them feel bad. But some how my branch president found out and announced it in sacrament meeting. So afterwards I got a lot of hugs including an older woman came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek that made everyone in the room uncomfortable being that I'm a missionary. The rest of the day we just contacted in the freezing wind because all of our appointments stood us up. At night I listened to music and ate way too much candy. It was a good birthday

Today Chile plays Peru in the semi finals. I even bought an official (replica) of the Chilean Jersey.

Till next week!

Monday, June 22, 2015

3 of 5

This week went by way too fast. On monday we just relaxed because there is nothing else to do here in Arauco on pday. On tuesday we did splits as a zone and I worked in a dirty suburb of ConcepciĆ³n. It was pretty fun. On wednesday we had an awesome lesson with a family that has been taught for a long time and they have decided to be baptised on the 11th, my last saturday in the mission. They have a lot to do/change before they can get baptized but we are pretty sure they can do it. 

On Friday we watched the Chile vs. Bolivia game and Chile Classified for the semi finals! A couple weeks ago the copa americana started and we got permission to watch all the games that Chile plays. I never knew but it turns out I really like soccer.

On Saturday most of our appointments fell so we decided to walk down the big highway and contact the houses down there. We contacted for about 2 hours until some one finally let us in. It was an old lady who has tryed a little bit of every church and it's really sure about anything. We quickly taught her the restoration and at the end we felt impressed to ask her to pray and ask god's opinion about what we had just shared right then and there. So she said a quick, sort of uncomfortable prayer and when she finished she looked at us as if she were going to say "well, I did it and nothing happened" but before she could say anything we saw her fill up with light and tears came to here eyes. We waited quietly until she finally said "wow, does this happen to everyone?" So we kind of explained what happened and the whole time she kept telling us that she feels really warm and really "tranquila." Normally answers from god come over time and come as a whispering but comforting influence and not as a powerful shout. But God is God and he does what he wants and it will be interesting to see why this women needed such a powerful response.

On sunday we were invited to visit a family of investigators but they lived way out in the Forest. They told us to take a bus to Carampange and they would pick us up there. So we got to Carampange and she didn't answer her phone so we asked someone if they knew her and they did. Then for the next half an hour we walked about two miles through the Forest asking people every once in a while for directions and Everyone knew who she was. We eventually got to her house and she wasn't there so we taught her neighbor and found a couple more people in the middle of nowhere.

That's about it. I got my package and it is awesome! just enough food to get me through these last three weeks.

Love yall!

Monday, June 15, 2015

2 of 5

This week we spent most of the time contacting the rich part of Arauco. I'm personally a fan of rich people in Chile because unless they really really want to listen to our message they say no. It saves us a lot of time. So after a total of like 5 hours of knocking doors, we found an awesome family who are really looking for something. And we don't have to pass by anyone else who doesn't want us to pass by as they keep pretending to be busy.

It's funny how in the beginning of my mission I thought "once I learn spanish, the work will be easier" or "once I can really teach someone it will be more fun." But even after 23 months of doing nothing else but this, it's still hard, and  there are always higher goals to put. And every day I am surprised by how exhausted I am when we finally get home. I wouldn't want it any other way.

On sunday an older man fed us lunch and afterwards he took out two guitars and next thing I know we are jamming together and he is ripping out a sick jazz solo. Never under estimate old people.

On saturday all our plans fell through so we went to teach a recent convert the restoration again and by the time we got past the first point, five of his cousins or friends showed up and they liked it so much that they all came to church on sunday with him.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Arauco 1 of 5

This is one of the five email I have left. I keep finding different ways to count down.

Arauco is awesome. We haven't gone a day without pouring rain but it is still beautiful. It's right on the beach and you can hear the ocean in some parts. All the street signs are made of wood and there are a lot of dirt roads and forresty areas. I met the ward on saturday and there are some awesome student age return missionaries in the branch which makes a big difference. The branch president is a young guy as well who served in new york so he speaks really black english. 

My comp is Elder Oliveira from Brazil. He is super cool. This week we had a baptism right away. His name is Leandro and he was part of a recently activated familily. Next step is to get them all to the a year. Also, Sergio from my last sector got baptized! 

As cheesy as it sounds, the closer I get to the end, the more it doesn't seem like it will actually come. There is a lot of work to do here in Arauco and even though I am a distracted person, I haven't had very much time to think about how the time is running out. We are getting all the members excited about working me to death this last transfer and my comp and I are going everything we can. We even started standing up in the buses, presenting ourselves and passing out passalong cards every time we have to travel. Which is like at least twice a day. This week went by way too fast but I blame it on the fact that we lost 3 days to conferences, transfers etc.

Today for pday we went to an embarrassingly cheesy Jesus themed Churrasco restaurant where all the tables had bibles and as you came in, the greeter gave you a piece of paper with a scripture and said "god bless you." We also went to an antique Mapuche store. I bought an indio picaro and a stone replica of the heads on easter island.

Till next week!

Monday, June 1, 2015


So it looks like i'm leaving los Angeles this cambio. I'm headed to Arauco to be with a black Brazilian. I left behind most of my stuff and i'm only taking what I will need for the next month and 15 days. Today we are going to have a pizza party with our bishops familiy and say good bye to some ward members and usual cambio stuff.

This past week we had some awesome lessons and found some good people. When we were knocking doors this 40 guy forced us into his house and right as we got in it just reeked of weed. He sat us down and explained to us how a month ago he got out of prison after 10 years because of drug trafficking and shooting a couple people. Yep, That's only 10 years in Chile. So he started showing all his scars from prison. That included taking his pants all the way off. We listened to him talk angrily about the world and the system and whatever then left as quickly possible. 

That's basically all that's happened this week. To make up for a short email i'm going to send some pictures.