Monday, June 22, 2015

3 of 5

This week went by way too fast. On monday we just relaxed because there is nothing else to do here in Arauco on pday. On tuesday we did splits as a zone and I worked in a dirty suburb of ConcepciĆ³n. It was pretty fun. On wednesday we had an awesome lesson with a family that has been taught for a long time and they have decided to be baptised on the 11th, my last saturday in the mission. They have a lot to do/change before they can get baptized but we are pretty sure they can do it. 

On Friday we watched the Chile vs. Bolivia game and Chile Classified for the semi finals! A couple weeks ago the copa americana started and we got permission to watch all the games that Chile plays. I never knew but it turns out I really like soccer.

On Saturday most of our appointments fell so we decided to walk down the big highway and contact the houses down there. We contacted for about 2 hours until some one finally let us in. It was an old lady who has tryed a little bit of every church and it's really sure about anything. We quickly taught her the restoration and at the end we felt impressed to ask her to pray and ask god's opinion about what we had just shared right then and there. So she said a quick, sort of uncomfortable prayer and when she finished she looked at us as if she were going to say "well, I did it and nothing happened" but before she could say anything we saw her fill up with light and tears came to here eyes. We waited quietly until she finally said "wow, does this happen to everyone?" So we kind of explained what happened and the whole time she kept telling us that she feels really warm and really "tranquila." Normally answers from god come over time and come as a whispering but comforting influence and not as a powerful shout. But God is God and he does what he wants and it will be interesting to see why this women needed such a powerful response.

On sunday we were invited to visit a family of investigators but they lived way out in the Forest. They told us to take a bus to Carampange and they would pick us up there. So we got to Carampange and she didn't answer her phone so we asked someone if they knew her and they did. Then for the next half an hour we walked about two miles through the Forest asking people every once in a while for directions and Everyone knew who she was. We eventually got to her house and she wasn't there so we taught her neighbor and found a couple more people in the middle of nowhere.

That's about it. I got my package and it is awesome! just enough food to get me through these last three weeks.

Love yall!

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