Monday, June 29, 2015

4 of 5

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

This week was good but it was unfair how fast it went by. We had a bunch of really good appointments set up but a lot of them fell so we ended up accidentally finding and teaching a bunch of less actives. It seems like every one of our coolest news turns out to be a member. And they almost all left the church because of another member that looked at them wrong or that didn't say hi to them or had some embarrassing situation. So we explain to them why we have a church, talk a little about the atonement, and by then they realize they are failing their second estate and that taking the sacrament is totally worth all the embarrassment or whatever they might otherwise avoid. It's almost the same thing every time. But we are getting good at just getting the point.

On thursday the Area President, Elder Gonzalez came to Los Angeles and had a conference with our mission. It was super good. Elder Gonzalez is really "choro" as they would say here. I think that would translate to direct, to the point, without sugar or anything. It was very inspiring.

On sunday I wasn't going to tell anyone it was my birthday because I had forgotten until that morning when I was filling in the date on something so I didn't want to be "that guy" and tell everyone it was my birthday to make them feel bad. But some how my branch president found out and announced it in sacrament meeting. So afterwards I got a lot of hugs including an older woman came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek that made everyone in the room uncomfortable being that I'm a missionary. The rest of the day we just contacted in the freezing wind because all of our appointments stood us up. At night I listened to music and ate way too much candy. It was a good birthday

Today Chile plays Peru in the semi finals. I even bought an official (replica) of the Chilean Jersey.

Till next week!

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