Monday, June 8, 2015

Arauco 1 of 5

This is one of the five email I have left. I keep finding different ways to count down.

Arauco is awesome. We haven't gone a day without pouring rain but it is still beautiful. It's right on the beach and you can hear the ocean in some parts. All the street signs are made of wood and there are a lot of dirt roads and forresty areas. I met the ward on saturday and there are some awesome student age return missionaries in the branch which makes a big difference. The branch president is a young guy as well who served in new york so he speaks really black english. 

My comp is Elder Oliveira from Brazil. He is super cool. This week we had a baptism right away. His name is Leandro and he was part of a recently activated familily. Next step is to get them all to the a year. Also, Sergio from my last sector got baptized! 

As cheesy as it sounds, the closer I get to the end, the more it doesn't seem like it will actually come. There is a lot of work to do here in Arauco and even though I am a distracted person, I haven't had very much time to think about how the time is running out. We are getting all the members excited about working me to death this last transfer and my comp and I are going everything we can. We even started standing up in the buses, presenting ourselves and passing out passalong cards every time we have to travel. Which is like at least twice a day. This week went by way too fast but I blame it on the fact that we lost 3 days to conferences, transfers etc.

Today for pday we went to an embarrassingly cheesy Jesus themed Churrasco restaurant where all the tables had bibles and as you came in, the greeter gave you a piece of paper with a scripture and said "god bless you." We also went to an antique Mapuche store. I bought an indio picaro and a stone replica of the heads on easter island.

Till next week!

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