Monday, June 15, 2015

2 of 5

This week we spent most of the time contacting the rich part of Arauco. I'm personally a fan of rich people in Chile because unless they really really want to listen to our message they say no. It saves us a lot of time. So after a total of like 5 hours of knocking doors, we found an awesome family who are really looking for something. And we don't have to pass by anyone else who doesn't want us to pass by as they keep pretending to be busy.

It's funny how in the beginning of my mission I thought "once I learn spanish, the work will be easier" or "once I can really teach someone it will be more fun." But even after 23 months of doing nothing else but this, it's still hard, and  there are always higher goals to put. And every day I am surprised by how exhausted I am when we finally get home. I wouldn't want it any other way.

On sunday an older man fed us lunch and afterwards he took out two guitars and next thing I know we are jamming together and he is ripping out a sick jazz solo. Never under estimate old people.

On saturday all our plans fell through so we went to teach a recent convert the restoration again and by the time we got past the first point, five of his cousins or friends showed up and they liked it so much that they all came to church on sunday with him.

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