Monday, March 31, 2014


Last week the cold started. This week it started to rain. But the rain goes sideways and after 10 minutes of being out side we were so wet that we might as well have jumped in a lake. Its not the comfortable thing in a suit. Luckily I have good boots and a pretty good coat. Now I just got to look for waterproof pants. I´m actually enjoying it. The best part is when we get home and we hang up our clothes around the wood stove and drink a hot cup of "echo." 

This week we found a lot of people. I´m not sure why or what changed but it seemed that everybody was letting us in their house. We have also felt very guided by the spirit. 

One day we had a service planned and we were just about to head over but we both felt that we needed to go to another neighborhood. We didn´t know why so we continued to the service but we couldn´t. So we called and cancelled the service and went to the neighborhood quickly and a little bit scared and found 5 different family's. We are going to see what happens with them.

For pday today we are going to get together and make tacos again. But this time someone from Mexico is going to cook for us. 

I met someone from Switzerland. She was the first non-Chilean (other missionary's don't count) that I´ve seen in 6 months. I didn´t realize how diverse the states are.

Thats it for now. I´m finally in good health, the members are willing to help us and we have plenty of people to teach. It´s going to be a full week.

Elder Thompson

Monday, March 24, 2014

Freezing wind and dermatologists

This week it has gotten very cold. But on top of that, the wind is very strong. To the point that it is difficult to walk because it pushes you over. Time to bring out the winter jackets again.

Every Thursday for the past 3 weeks I have gone the hospital in Concepcion. I had some kind of skin problem but the doctors didn´t know what it was and it was getting worse pretty fast. So every week I went to the hospital, they did some tests and we tried some other kind of treatment for a week. This was kind of a stressful process. Finally this week I got to see a dermatologist and when I took of my shirt she let out a small scream because of what they had done to me. But now I have the right kind of medicine and I´m getting better. It´s been a fun learning experience.

This week we found a lot of people. The problem is that they are never home. We are going to have to figure out how to schedule with the people better.

At least twice a day a drunk stops us in the street. It always goes like this: first, a bunch of bad words and insults. Then they tell us what they think of about god, usually with lots of anger. They explain how they are good people and that the world is against them (they usually start to cry at this point) then they ask for our help. My comp likes to talk to them and tell them to sober up and then we can help them but these people usually haven't been sober for 30 years and will always refuse the invitation. So we came up with a plan this week. Every time they stop us we are going to give them a pamphlet on the word of wisdom and if they sober up enough to read it, there they can find the help they need. We are also saving a lot of time with this method.

That's about it for now. The mission is the coolest and church is true.

Elder Thompson

Monday, March 17, 2014

You never know who you talk to

This week our branch started to do stuff. The leaders are now going to get together regularly and will start hastening the work. It feels good to be organized.

On Sunday, Cristian and Tina didn´t come again. We might have to force them next week. We also made a commitment that we aren´t going to pass by without a member because they already know and live all the commandments, read the Book of Mormon every day and pray. They just need a little more support to make themselves get up early on Sunday.

Friday we decided to throw together an activity in the church of ping pong and waffles (I found a waffle maker in the house). We planned on having about 15 people there if we were lucky. We had an hour to spare before the activity so we contacted outside of the chapel. We talked to a couple kids and invited them to the activity. They seemed excited and said they would come but I was doubtful because Chileans like to say yes to everything whether or not they want to. But sure enough they came to the activity. With 19 other kids. There were 40 people there in total. We quickly started a movie in another room and started a game of soccer outside. Turns out, the kids were from the local orphanage and invited everybody else. 

That’s about it this week. I put up more pictures on dropbox.

Elder Thompson

Monday, March 10, 2014


This week we had a conference with the north half of the mission. Some of the leaders talked for a bit about working with members and other things. In the end, President got up and showed us a picture of himself when he was 18 and being baptized by the missionaries. He then introduced two men that were in the back of the room as the missionaries that taught him. They then told their side of the story of bringing president to the church. It was really interesting to see both sides and hear their testimonies of their mission after all these years.

The rest of the week was mostly spent teaching instead of finding. It is a good feeling to always have something to do. Every day this week we passed by Cristian and Tina and ended every lesson with the invitation to come to church and/or the activity on saturday and they didn´t come. They are both really receptive and love learning but no matter how we explain the importance of coming to church, they don´t do it. We are going to have to try something else I guess.

Yesterday I got home so tired that I fell asleep while taking off my shoes.

That’s about it for the week. Love you guys!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Missionary work without a phone

This week our phone disappeared. My comp thinks he left it in a taxi but we aren´t sure. We learned how important phones are in missionary work. We did a lot of walking and very little teaching. To the point where the soles of my shoes wore out. Today we had to figure out how to travel to concepcion, find a couple of things there, and find a place to sleep for the night. Without a phone. We ended up being able to get a new one in the end but it was an interesting adventure.

On sunday, we had plans to bring 7 people to church. No one came. This week we are going to focus on getting the people we have to come. 

I got to see a doctor today and my intestines are (probably) OK. I have to get an ultrasound but the doctor thinks I should be fine with a couple changes in diet and some medicine.

Sorry the email is pretty lame this week, not much happened and on top of that, I’m tired and can´t remember what happened. 

Till next week!