Monday, March 31, 2014


Last week the cold started. This week it started to rain. But the rain goes sideways and after 10 minutes of being out side we were so wet that we might as well have jumped in a lake. Its not the comfortable thing in a suit. Luckily I have good boots and a pretty good coat. Now I just got to look for waterproof pants. I´m actually enjoying it. The best part is when we get home and we hang up our clothes around the wood stove and drink a hot cup of "echo." 

This week we found a lot of people. I´m not sure why or what changed but it seemed that everybody was letting us in their house. We have also felt very guided by the spirit. 

One day we had a service planned and we were just about to head over but we both felt that we needed to go to another neighborhood. We didn´t know why so we continued to the service but we couldn´t. So we called and cancelled the service and went to the neighborhood quickly and a little bit scared and found 5 different family's. We are going to see what happens with them.

For pday today we are going to get together and make tacos again. But this time someone from Mexico is going to cook for us. 

I met someone from Switzerland. She was the first non-Chilean (other missionary's don't count) that I´ve seen in 6 months. I didn´t realize how diverse the states are.

Thats it for now. I´m finally in good health, the members are willing to help us and we have plenty of people to teach. It´s going to be a full week.

Elder Thompson

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