Monday, March 17, 2014

You never know who you talk to

This week our branch started to do stuff. The leaders are now going to get together regularly and will start hastening the work. It feels good to be organized.

On Sunday, Cristian and Tina didn´t come again. We might have to force them next week. We also made a commitment that we aren´t going to pass by without a member because they already know and live all the commandments, read the Book of Mormon every day and pray. They just need a little more support to make themselves get up early on Sunday.

Friday we decided to throw together an activity in the church of ping pong and waffles (I found a waffle maker in the house). We planned on having about 15 people there if we were lucky. We had an hour to spare before the activity so we contacted outside of the chapel. We talked to a couple kids and invited them to the activity. They seemed excited and said they would come but I was doubtful because Chileans like to say yes to everything whether or not they want to. But sure enough they came to the activity. With 19 other kids. There were 40 people there in total. We quickly started a movie in another room and started a game of soccer outside. Turns out, the kids were from the local orphanage and invited everybody else. 

That’s about it this week. I put up more pictures on dropbox.

Elder Thompson

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