Monday, March 24, 2014

Freezing wind and dermatologists

This week it has gotten very cold. But on top of that, the wind is very strong. To the point that it is difficult to walk because it pushes you over. Time to bring out the winter jackets again.

Every Thursday for the past 3 weeks I have gone the hospital in Concepcion. I had some kind of skin problem but the doctors didn´t know what it was and it was getting worse pretty fast. So every week I went to the hospital, they did some tests and we tried some other kind of treatment for a week. This was kind of a stressful process. Finally this week I got to see a dermatologist and when I took of my shirt she let out a small scream because of what they had done to me. But now I have the right kind of medicine and I´m getting better. It´s been a fun learning experience.

This week we found a lot of people. The problem is that they are never home. We are going to have to figure out how to schedule with the people better.

At least twice a day a drunk stops us in the street. It always goes like this: first, a bunch of bad words and insults. Then they tell us what they think of about god, usually with lots of anger. They explain how they are good people and that the world is against them (they usually start to cry at this point) then they ask for our help. My comp likes to talk to them and tell them to sober up and then we can help them but these people usually haven't been sober for 30 years and will always refuse the invitation. So we came up with a plan this week. Every time they stop us we are going to give them a pamphlet on the word of wisdom and if they sober up enough to read it, there they can find the help they need. We are also saving a lot of time with this method.

That's about it for now. The mission is the coolest and church is true.

Elder Thompson

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