Monday, December 30, 2013

Email, Christmas special

Christmas was so great. Also there was nothing better than being able to Skype for 4 hours. I hope I didn`t take up too much of your Christmas time though. 

For Christmas Eve we had a zone activity with food and a gift exchange then worked until we had dinner with a member family. For Christmas we just relaxed and ate and Skyped. It couldn’t have gone better. 

I don`t have much time this week to email but the key event that happened was a baptism. THAT I DID! There was a lot of confusion in the planning of the service but in the end, I was chosen to baptize the investigators of the other elders in Lota. Their names are Ismael and TanĂ­a. It was such an amazing and indescribable experience. I felt for the first time that I was almost literally the lord’s hands. Next week I’ll put up pictures.

Love you guys, enjoy your new years!

Elder Thompson

Christmas morning

Christmas tacos

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lots of pictures--

A sweet group of street performers we ran into a couple times

All the houses are the same in this little town


flying a volentine

my comp flying a volentine

outside our window

Chile won a game. This lasted until about 1 in the morning. they were driving around the center
Bird house


Mi compa y yo

Elder Perez y Yo

MTC buddies reunited durring a confrence of trainers

My family. My trainer (dad) his trainer (grandpa) and his trainer (great grandpa)

Old green house
Old shutdown theater

Getting ready for a baptism

After Baptism snack

Studying on the beach

This guy followed us all morning 

We may or may not have brought our guitars too