Monday, December 16, 2013

actividades navidenas

We have been struggling to find people to teach so we decided the other day to do something interesting. We went to the plaza which is like the town center and put up a big sign that said "bring the spirit of christmas to you home" then next to it with put out church material on christmas and offered to go to peoples houses and share christmas messages. All the while wearing santa hats and playing christmas music. Between the 6 of us, we found over 25 people in less than 2 hours. Needless to say, we are probably going to go do it again sometime.

We don`t really have christmas plans yet. And it looks like I will most likely skype on christmas day. But we are getting some christmas movies from a member soon so things will definitelty be christmasy. We also got the carprenters christmas album! 

I can not thank you guys enough for all the stuff you have sent me! Especially the young women and patriarch Adams. I was pretty blown away. I`m going to send a package home soon with a bunch of chilean things. Also thanks Dallin for sending the rubiks cube. I forgot it at home and Ive been trying to buy another one but I couldn`t find them. 

Well thats all I can think of to write. Our house looks pretty christmasy and I`m going to make egg nog if I can find all the supplies. 

Love you guys, and I literally couldn`t thank you enough!

Elder Thompson         

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