Monday, December 30, 2013

Email, Christmas special

Christmas was so great. Also there was nothing better than being able to Skype for 4 hours. I hope I didn`t take up too much of your Christmas time though. 

For Christmas Eve we had a zone activity with food and a gift exchange then worked until we had dinner with a member family. For Christmas we just relaxed and ate and Skyped. It couldn’t have gone better. 

I don`t have much time this week to email but the key event that happened was a baptism. THAT I DID! There was a lot of confusion in the planning of the service but in the end, I was chosen to baptize the investigators of the other elders in Lota. Their names are Ismael and TanĂ­a. It was such an amazing and indescribable experience. I felt for the first time that I was almost literally the lord’s hands. Next week I’ll put up pictures.

Love you guys, enjoy your new years!

Elder Thompson

Christmas morning

Christmas tacos

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