Monday, December 9, 2013

I found it

I found the secret to the mission. I know that is what everybody says but I think I found it for real. I took people`s advise and worked with more love, worked with more faith, more obedience, more energy but I always felt something was off. I was talking with the new elder in our house and he said he went his first 8 months without giving anyone a testimony. He said he just felt like he would work hard and have success if he had success. That is totally how I was and it didn`t bother me. But he finally baptized when he decided that he wanted to. He put his foot down and said I don`t care about the circumstances, I am going to baptize someone this transfer. And he did. So I did just that and the mission has changed. There is a new kind of energy and a new kind of love involved with everything. 

The best part is that one of the guys we are working with gained a testimony right before our eyes. He always told us that it was difficult for him to believe in things with a surety. But we got real with him one day and the spirit was so undeniably strong that when we asked him how he was feeling he paused for a solid amount of time then said "it`s true." This guy who almost died from a heroin overdose a little over a year ago changed his life in less then 10 minutes. The next day we taught him the plan of salvation and he couldn't refrain from laughing because he was so excited to learn about this stuff. He told us that we answered most of the questions he has been searching for in just a "ratitio" which roughly translates into moment or a small amount of time. 

The branch here is very layed back. Everybody referes to each other in tu form, even the leaders. Someone also brought a coffee cake to a party in the chapel and they all ate it anyways because it was good. The branch president calls us by nicknames or inappropriate racial slurs in English. I`m going to miss it.

We don`t have christmas plans yet but I`m pretty excited to skype. Apparently this mission doesn`t care how long you do it for so we won`t have to be stressed about it too.

Enjoy your christmas activities, and take lots of pictures!
The church is true
Elder Thomspon

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