Monday, December 2, 2013

safe from transfers

Looks like I made it through transfers again and everything is staying the same. Which means my christmas will be rather enjoyable.

We found tons of people this week. Everybody in the district (about 8 of us) came to lota to help find people and we did just that. We have so many new people that we don`t know where to start. This is one of the better problems to have. This coming week we will be teaching afùl! I am also officially a normal, non in-training missionary. I`m not sure how to feel about it due to my inadequacies and lack of teaching experience, but it`s a good feeling never the less.

I forgot to mention that it`s super hot here now. It was only cold for about the first 2 weeks, then it switched in like one day.

We found a mini christmas tree in the house. $!

For Pday today we went to buy belts from a street vendor then went to Chiflon del Diablo. Its a mine that goes under the ocean. It`s actually one of the bigger mines in the world and was one of the first places to have electricity because of how significant it was. They gave us head lamps and crammed all 6 of us into a very small elivator that should probably only hold one or two people, then we went down. We turned our lights off for a minute and it was probably the first time I have experienced absolute darkness. It is a strange feeling when you can`t tell the difference between having your eyes open or closed. I`ll put up all the pictures of that next week because the computer is a bit slow.

I was mugged this week by a 14 year old kid. It took him a while but when he realized that we had nothing of worth he just picked up a pile of rocks and threw them at us, took a few steps then threw some more rocks. My comp and I just kind of watched as he threw his fit then walked away when he was done. I don`t understand chilean youth yet and I don`t think I will.

Happy birthday Emily! You should be getting something in the mail any day now, that is if it hasn`t gotten lost. (I`ts thecreepy orange animal thing).

The picture is me and the branch mission leader at a birthday party.

Love you guys! Don`t enjoy christmas too much without us.

Elder Thompson

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