Monday, March 3, 2014

Missionary work without a phone

This week our phone disappeared. My comp thinks he left it in a taxi but we aren´t sure. We learned how important phones are in missionary work. We did a lot of walking and very little teaching. To the point where the soles of my shoes wore out. Today we had to figure out how to travel to concepcion, find a couple of things there, and find a place to sleep for the night. Without a phone. We ended up being able to get a new one in the end but it was an interesting adventure.

On sunday, we had plans to bring 7 people to church. No one came. This week we are going to focus on getting the people we have to come. 

I got to see a doctor today and my intestines are (probably) OK. I have to get an ultrasound but the doctor thinks I should be fine with a couple changes in diet and some medicine.

Sorry the email is pretty lame this week, not much happened and on top of that, I’m tired and can´t remember what happened. 

Till next week! 


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