Monday, February 24, 2014

me quedo

Looks like I’m staying in Lebu with my comp. But the other elders in the house are leaving and we are going to live alone just the two of us. We are still making plans of what we are going to do with all the space. 

This week was quite exhausting. But at the same time, very rewarding. We have been teaching an older couple who are very nice and very smart. This week, cristián told us that he believes its true and that he will be baptized this coming month! His wife still has the influence of her parents and family but we are pretty sure she will be baptized with her husband.

This last week, a guy stopped us in the street and asked us to help him with something, gave us his address and left. Not knowing anything about him or what he wants, we found his address and it was a giant and very old house. At first we thought is was a joke but we nocked the door anyways and he let us in. He sat us down in his living room and left. We sat there in front of his giant open fireplace and stacks of old pictures for a solid 10 minutes. We didn´t know if we should leave or go look for him. But he finally came back and asked us to translate his resume. That’s it. Later we asked our ward mission leader about him and apparently he is very well know here and is somehow involved in drugs. I´m not sure if he makes, sells, or just does drugs but apparently we can´t go back to his house. At least he seemed like a nice guy. We have a time set up to talk to him in the chapel.

Shoot, I’m out of time. Till next week!

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