Monday, February 17, 2014

Nothing says love like burning tires

This Valentines Day was quite interesting. On Friday, we left early in the morning to find a house for rent for more missionaries that are coming. We were stopped in the street by a member who continued to tell us about how all the fisherman are mad because they put a limit on how much fish they can bring in just then a big angry group of fisherman came down the street so we quickly ran into the chapel, being gringos, and not only the fisherman passed by but the mapuches and the Chilean gangsters called flaites. They continued marching until they reached the end of town and blocked of the road with cars and garbage. Then they lit it on fire. At this point we were on the other side of town until people started yelling at us to not cross the bridge that goes to the center of town. A little scared we called our leaders and they told us to go home so we waiting in our house as the world fell apart outside. The big group of angry people took over Lebu at the two entrances, one at the highway far away; the other was the bridge behind our house. We couldn´t see what was happening but we could hear explosions, screaming, and the undertrained riot police shooting sandbags in all directions.

This continued until three in the morning.

The next day we left the house early in the morning to see if it will be safe and everything was destroyed. There were families leaving town with their bags and other people just sitting out side looking at the damage. Now all of Lebu smells like burning tires. After lunch, they had cleaned up the bridge enough where we could cross on foot so we continued working but word is that they are going to decide on changing the fish limit today and if they don´t, they will take over poor Lebu again.

So that was Valentines Day. They rest of the week was pretty slow. People are still all on vacation so we just did a lot of looking for people again. 

That’s about it for this week. 

Elder Thompson

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