Monday, February 10, 2014


This week was pretty slow. Everybody is on summer vacation here so everybody we have was out of town. We did a lot of looking and a lot of finding but in terms of lessons, it was a little hard this week. 

There was a less active living with a non member that are both really cool but in a difficult situation. This week they got married and the husband got baptized. It was cool to see them make the change and how happy they are now. 

We talked to a friend of the ward mission leader named Enzo, who is Mapuche and lives out in the Forest. He has been a part of a lot of churches but hasn´t found one that he agrees with. We taught him a little and he was really excited to learn more. We are also going to start to teach him English and he is going to teach us Mapudungun, one of the languages of the Mapuches. We are pretty excited. 

Yesterday we decided that we wanted to try to find a waterfall for p day. But when we asked people where it was, they said it´s too far to walk. So instead, every time we passed by someone we asked them to borrow their bike. By the end of the day we all had a bike. It was awesome working on bikes too, we could visit anybody we wanted in very little time. The downside was that everybody was laughing at us. I guess even the people here have the image of missionaries on bikes but we never do it so when people finally saw us on bikes, it was apparently very funny to them. A drunk guy straight up pointed at us and laughed out loud when we passed by.

Today, we went in the direction they told us to go and found the waterfall with only getting lost a couple times. It felt so good to ride a bike again. Especially at the end when we went down a huge hill that lasted a solid 5 minutes. Now, we have to go back to work even though our legs can barely move.

That's it for this week, thanks for all the prayers! 

Elder Thompson


Lots of wind as always

Meeting with friends before transfers

Saying goodbye to Lota

Saying goodbye to Lota some more

We found it!

We found macai berries

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