Thursday, August 15, 2013

40 minute bus ride

new record: 27 emails
This week we were supposed to start teaching actual investigators. Which meant actual Latinos with actual fast spanish. PERO,  Because of the bad scheduling, no one showed up so we really dodged a bullet. My spanish improvement is slowing down, which is scary because we are teaching more and more. Translation errors have always been really funny to me and it´s really hard not to laugh when someone is giving a heartfelt talk and they say things like "through the atonement we can be clean from our pescados (fish) instead of pecados (sins). Someone was also trying to say I am in class. but instead of clase (class) they said carse (prison). which is slightly true. I can use dropbox so i´ll send you my pass word and stuff and you can put those pictures on my blog. Alright 15 minutes. We went to the temple today and as always, the bus ride was crazy. I wish I could have taken a video the whole time because everything is so different. I do have a lot of pictures though. The Temple was also pretty darn good, though very difficult in spanish. We had a live broad casted devotional last Tuesday in which Richard g Scott paused for like 30 seconds after his talk than said said that he gives an apostolic blessing to everyone learning a new language. It was a super powerful talk besides that and that was just the cherry on top. I´m loosing my English skills and i´m still not very good at Spanish so talking and writing is just not my thing. When people say hi to me, I don´t know what is coming out of my mouth. It could be spanish or english or some weird mix like "good tardes." Our spanish lessons are getting much better though. I can basically say anything I want with enough struggling. OK 5 minutes left. Adios! Love you all

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