Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fiesta Del fin de la semana

So every weekend (when it doesn´t rain), the city has a big party. Complete with lots of honking, loud jumbled music and fireworks. It seems like everybody plays their music as loud as they can. They even had airplanes flying low and playing music. Which is not the smartest idea because you only get a couple seconds of the song. There are also tons of really loud explosions. Like really really groundshakingly loud explosions.

Besides that, this week has been pretty normal. My Spanish is progressing and i´m getting better at teaching. Everyday has basically the same schedule so the days kinda blur into one. But it doesn´t matter because we are working so hard all the time that we don´t have time to think about stuff like that except on pdays. Which is how it should be.

Tuesday was our "half way there" party which consisted of cinnamon rolls and staying up 15 minutes later. We party hard. Although the cinnamon rolls were quite delicious. I don´t feel like i´m half way done. It feels like i´ve been here a couple months but at the same time, I feel like I need to learn a lot more before going to Chile.

As many of you know already, I got sick on Wednesday. It must have been something for dinner on Tuesday because the next day, many people woke up with parasites, me included. So while the rest of my district went to the temple today, me and elder Strang stayed home and within close range of a bathroom. My intestines finally realized that i´m in Mexico. But all is well because I have plenty of medicine and they have a couple good doctors here. I´m much better off than Elder Strang who is waiting to get results back to see if he needs to go to the hospital. I´m already feeling a lot better. And plus, today is pday so it was the perfect time to get sick.

The MTC is getting way too full. The lines at meals are ridiculous. Sometimes we don't even have time to get the food before our time is up. But we are finding loopholes to getting to food faster. There is also only one barber so getting a haircut takes half your pday. But conveniently, I won´t need one while i´m here.

Melissa-I got you letter on tuesday! It´s so weird being able to understand spanish. Also, it got here really fast so i´m going to start sending letters back.

How was cannon beach? I really miss just sitting on the beach and not having anything to do. Who went? How long did you stay?

I´ve decided that one of my goals during my mission is to get really good at soccer. I´ve been playing everyday for about an hour and I´m loving it. Plus Latinos are ridiculously good at it so if I wanted to learn, this would be the place.

That's all for now. I´m putting more pictures up on dropbox today. I might send another email with the things I inevitably forgot.

Love you
Elder Thompson

all I could eat at lunch

almost racist

a very important sign

Everyone has these cool bikes

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