Monday, April 28, 2014

English practice

This week I´ve started to practice my English again whenever I had the chance. The hardest are phone calls. and greeting/saying goodbye to people. But I’m going to keep practicing so we can do skype without problems.

This week I went on splits with our district leader and we decided to knock doors and offer to play/sing a hymn with guitar. We thought that the surprise factor of 2 gringos knocking your door and offering to play you a song would help us out but almost everybody still made the same excuses. We only ended up singing twice but at the end of singing we asked if they had any questions before we left. One of the people who let us in asked us "yeah, i have a question. how can I know which church is gods church." We taught her twice since then and she is awesome. One of the few people I have met that are really searching for truth.

Grandma asked me if I had ever had a moment when the spirit took over what I said. The other day we were walking to an appointment and we saw a women feeding her 9 cats. We stopped to talk to her and she told us a long story of how she always wanted a house. She said that she had bought houses before but they were never good enough but she finally has the house she wants. There was an awkward pause but then the words came out of my mouth "maybe its not a house you are looking for but a feeling of stability." She then started to cry and talk about her alcoholic husband that abuses her in many ways and how she cant get away from him. It was interesting. Still, she isn´t going to let us help her unfortunately. But we left her with a pamphlet and hopefully that plants a seed.

I´m running out of ideas for good breakfasts. I´m open for suggestions. 

Yesterday we were stopped in the street by a guy who asked if he could visit people with us. Turns out he is a member from Curanilahue so we let him. His name is Miguel Silva and he is basically Forrest gump. He has been deported from the states 4 times, he got married in peru, he has 4 kids that live in new york and LA, he has played soccer professionally, he sold cars on the black market in new york, he once dug under the mexico border and lived in san diego and now he sells leathers. We are going to do a family home evening with him soon while he is here. 

Get your computers charged up because skype is just around the corner.

Till next week

Elder Thompson

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