Monday, April 21, 2014

la Busqueda

This week we decided to stop focusing so much on working with the people we have and start finding more people. We spent basically all day every day this week looking for people. We also worked a lot in the Chilean equivalent of the ghetto so we met a lot of interesting people. 

A group of kids from the orphanage came to church again. This time we didn´t even invite them and they came on their own. We decided to go to the orphanage and teach a couple of them. When we got there the Tía called all 20 of the kids to the living room and they all sat down in front of us. We didn´t have anything planned so we awkwardly explained the Restoration while the kids were screaming, fighting, and eating. There was also a time in the middle of the lesson when the power went out and we had to use the cellphone to find the emergency light. It was a crazy experience but in the end a couple of the kids asked us for Book of Mormons and one of them said the prayer.

That's about it for the week. For pday we are going to the beach to do beach things. 

Elder Thompson

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