Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fiestas Patrias

This week started out like usual. Lots of paper work, lots of traveling, and a ton of preparing for transfers. However on thursday we celebrated 18th of september, the Chilean fourth of July. But here, their independence day is way big. Even bigger than christmas. School is off for the week and people party so hard that at least 15 people die each day from thursday to sunday due to alcohol/drug consumption. 

We, on the other hand, decided to celebrate it the classic chilean way. We woke up early, did a our studies and went to the lake to fly volentines. I had forgotten how fun but how difficult it is. I learned that there is a difference between "kites for children" and volentines, they don´t mess around here.

After taking a couple videos and braking all of the volentines we went to the office to make hot dogs and watch a movie. Later that evening we went to the ward activity and ate lots of poorly cooked barbequed meat and watched everyone dance the Cueca. This week I am going to take "the bomb," a parasite medicine designed for gringos in south america so I should get rid of all the damage I´ve done so far. Then we finished up the night deep cleaning our apartment because it was too dangerous to go outside after eight.

It´s sad to think that it´s my last 18th of september that I will ever spend in Chile but my digestive system will be pretty happy.

Next week we have transfers again. this time there aren´t as many people leaving so it should be a little bit easier but there are still 30 people coming so not too easy. 

Wish us luck!

Elder Thompson

Ps. I´m putting a bunch of pictures on dropbox, check it out.

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