Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gnarls Barkley

This week started out pretty tough. There were the usual deadlines and an abnormally large pile of other things to do. But yesterday I think we were all rewarded for the work we did. We woke up and made the usual breakfast burritos. After getting to the office, we got a call from president who informed us that the elder that was going to leave the mission that day decided to stay. Then we all went to President's house for our interviews which were followed by an awesome Hawaiian haystack lunch. After getting some some stuff done in the office we remembered that we had to play something at the talent show that night. So we obviously chose to play "Crazy" 10 minutes before it started. We played and it turned out pretty well. They also made us play sound of silence again.

But besides that, the week was pretty bland.

I still can´t believe that Rachel is going home. I was going to write her about it but I realized she would never read it. Weird. Make sure to send me tons of pictures and videos of when she comes back. 

Scripture of the day: Luke 2:52.

It splits up Christ´s path to perfection into 4 main categories. Aka what we should do/the goals we should put to grow up and eventually become perfect.

hasta luego,

Elder Thompson

Elder Zaballos

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