Saturday, August 30, 2014


I said a while back that I was making my own yogurt but this week I made it almost every day and it´s turning out really good. Plus, it can be used for anything. Fruit smoothies, mixed with milk, used as conditioner, or eaten plain. 

I also finally got my hands on an appropriate yoga video. I kind of don´t like it but I know I need it.

This week was spent doing the normal everyday tasks. We organized and made an inventory of our storage space. Now it´s probably the cleanest it´s been in years. We had a little time on Wednesday to work in our sector so we taught an English class, did a couple chapel tours, and knocked some doors. Some times I forget how fun it is to meet and work with a ton of different people. During the English class however, there was an old women who was probably 75 years old who would not stop yelling out random words in English then acting very self-impressed as if everyone else in the room felt the same. After class she came up to shake our hands and after an uncomfortable amount of time she got way too close and said "I am coming back next time for sure" as she winked. We are going to let the Hermanas take this next class. 

That´s about it for the week. At least from what I remember. Today for pday we are going to go shopping down town to use up the rest of our time.

Love you all!

Elder Thompson

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