Saturday, August 16, 2014


This was my first transfer in the office. I can easily say it was the most exhausting experience in my mission. On Sunday it was pretty chill making preparations then at 10ish at night we had to drive people from the bus terminal to different houses in Concepcion to sleep. We ended up getting home at like 12. 

The next morning, the people who were going home had to be interviewed which lasted all day with the exception of lunch and other meetings. All the while we had to figure out flight problems, luggage stuff, and all the little things that always go wrong. We finally got everyone interviewed and drove them to the hotel in like 50 trips. We went to sleep at like 1 am.

On Tuesday we got up at 4 am to load up all the luggage in the tour bus we rented. Then sent off the 30 missionaries that were going home. That was a pretty weird moment. This group had almost all my friends from the mission so it was sad to see them go. After they walked though security we just stood there for a while feeling weird but after an hour the new group of 30 missionaries came in. It was fun to see them come out looking confused and scared. We took them to the office and did more interviews between lunch and trainings. We again took them to the hotel to sleep.

On Wednesday we got up early again to set up everything. That morning the news met their trainers and they all went to their sectors and we all went to the office around 3pm. When we got there we were all falling asleep. I tried to sit down at the computer to get some work done and I couldn´t keep my head up. so we decided to clean up the place instead.

I still kind of feel the effects but tomorrow we have to travel to the southern most zone of the mission so I will be for sure sleeping in the car. 

Church is true! and the mission is exhausting!

Elder Thompson

P.s Our mission president and his wife have a blog. If you´re interested its called

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