Saturday, August 9, 2014

Simon and Garfunkel

We got the news this Sunday that there was going to be a ward talent show. Now talent shows here are the subject of many missionary horror stories because what usually happens is it´s done open mike style and no one with talents shows up. So a missionary or someone else with enough self confidence (whether it´s deserved or not) goes up and tells jokes or does something to pass time. So when we heard talent show we prepared for the worst. Half way through the week we decided to do something as the four office missionaries. We obviously chose to sing/play the sound of silence with me on guitar, 2 singers, a bucket played as a drum and a shaker made out of a coke can and rice. We practiced it a couple times with the little time we have and just went for it. We got to the chapel and it was filled. They had it all decked out with cool lighting sound equipment decorations and everything. Even President Bluth and his wife came. So after a couple people sang the usual Chilean love songs it was our turn. To our surprise we just blew them all away. I´m still not sure how it turned out so well but after the first line, everybody was trying to quickly take out their cameras and record it. It was so good that president high fived us as we came off the stage. We are considering it a miracle because when we practiced it, it barely sounded better than Chuck Norris jokes in Spanish.

I compulsively bought a chirimoya today. It´s a fruit the size of a grapefruit but it costs like 3 dollars. Are they also expensive in the states? do they exist in the states? I need to decide if I want to take advantage of it while I´m here or if I should just wait. 

This Tuesday are transfers. Normally you just take your stuff on a bus somewhere and meet up with your comp then bus it to your new sector but now we have to make that all happen. Plus send off the people who are going home and receive the new people. So for us, the craziness will go from Sunday till Wednesday. We actually print out a bunch of hour by hour schedules for the oficinistas titled "la locura" or the craziness. Wish us luck!

While waiting for a bus I watched as someone ran down the street while cops chased after him guns drawn. As they turned the corned we heard gun shots. Some one told me that the cops will sometimes use rubber bullets, so there is still hope for him.

I received a lot of pictures/videos of Washington today and can I say that it´s still more beautiful than anything I’ve seen here. And Chile can get really pretty.


Elder Thompson

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