Saturday, August 2, 2014


There it is. One year. It has been the longest/shortest year ever and now I only have one more. I´m not sure how I feel but that doesn´t matter

This week has been very informative. On Wednesday we skyped with elder Pulsipher about a new program we are doing here in Chile to clean up the member lists and update MLS. There is a lot to learn and a lot of people who need to learn it. 250 to be exact. I´m still not sure how or when we are going to start it but it seems really cool. That same day a couple people came down from Santiago to train president and I, both as newbies to the job and it looks like the mission has been pretty disorganized for a few years and there are some changes we need to make right away. Again, it´s more stuff that 250 missionaries have to know. I´m personally excited for the challenge but we´ll see how I feel when I start having to figure everything out. 

On Thursday and Friday we went on another trip from Concepción to Arauco, Los Alamos, Cañete, Los Sauces, Temuco, Victoria, Angol, Los Angeles, and back to Concepción. About the equivalent of driving from Seattle to Anaheim plus having to stop every once in a while and fix a bed or a heater. I still don´t understand why I come home more exhausted when I´m in a car all day than when I walk around. Down in Temuco we ate in a place called "Jacks" that sells red robin style burgers. It was hands down the best sandwich I have eaten here. I forgot that burgers were so good. I was almost starting to think that Churrascos were better. 

For pday today we are doing another sector attack, this time is san Pedro de la paz. Some day we will have a normal pday, maybe.

Till next week

Elder Thompson

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