Saturday, July 26, 2014

Volver a tus Raízes

Today I saw graffiti of a mapuche guy and a bobcat in a tree and below it said "Volver a tus raízes" which means "return to your roots." I thought it was pretty relevant to this week. 

Besides having to meet the usual deadlines we had a fairly light work load this week so we decided to do some missionary work. It was honesty pretty weird. In these last couple of weeks I´ve started to feel almost like a normal person. Now I actually had to adjust back to talking with people in the street and going into random peoples houses. Yesterday we went to a little pueblito called Santa Juana where there sister missionaries aren't having that much success. So the assistants and us went to contact for a few hours to find new people. Maybe I had gotten used to it before but people here are the funniest. Even more so in small campo towns. There was one time where we talked to a women through her window and said stuff like "hey, hows it going, we´re missionaries, is that your kid..." and she wouldn´t respond at all. Until we asked her name and she just said "no." I really am going to miss it.

Earlier in the week we had to wash the car but we didn´t have time to do it by hand to we stopped by the car wash. We waited for a few minutes but the car in front of us wouldn´t pull forward so we pulled up beside him and he was completely out. Asleep with his head on his steering wheel. We honked and he woke up abruptly, looked very confused for a couple seconds then went forward. The worst part was he wasn´t even old. He probably had like 40 years or something.

Today for pday we went to do service in el campo. A recent convert just bought a piece of land in the Forest and wanted to put a barbed wired fence around it. So we came to dig holes and put in the fence. The best part was trying to get there. We were stuck in the mud for a solid half an hour and even with like 15 people, it took a while. But we finally got creative with some sticks and carpet things. Afterwards they were having a barbecue, but we had to leave right as they were choosing between buying the live pig or the live lamb to kill and eat.

Elder Swenson went home on Tuesday. It was weird seeing another friend go back. But then again the mission is like that; weird. in a perfect way.

Elder Thompson

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