Friday, July 25, 2014

Piedra de Águila

Nothing has changed this week. Which means everything is changing constantly.
This week there were another series of conferences but we stayed behind to get some stuff done. But even though we only planned on getting the small tedious but necessary tasks done, none of it got done due to the compulsiveness of being in the office.
This week we finally got out a little in our sector. We visited two members and between them two we got 5 referrals. Boom. Our plan is to only work by referrals and stop knocking doors. Well, its not really our plan because president told us to do it but we are liking it so far. The only down side to our sector is that it is too nice. Almost everybody here is loaded which makes it difficult to get to peoples hearts but some way or another we´ll get there.
There is a woman in subway who only speaks inglish to everyone, but she doesn´t speak very well.
Every time we go we try to decide why she doesn´t speak spanishand very little english. After a couple weeks of thinking, we finally asked her and shes from India. We still don´t know why she would come to southern Chile from India to work in a subway when she doesn´t speak spanishbut I´ll keep you guys updated.
We had to brake a window to get into the missionaries house because they left their keys inside.

For pday today we drove in the truck on a long and beautiful mountain road to get to whats called Piedra de Águila. It´s a peak where you can see the ocean and the mountains in Argentina at the same time. We ended up not making it all the way up do to the snow but the drive up was amazing. It was even more amazing to be the one driving. We also stopped to make snow angels, a snow man, and we had a snowball fight. The classics.
It happens many times where we have to go to the Chilean home depot to buy like 5 gas stoves at 120$ a piece or a bunch of mattresses and it never fails to be entertaining to watch their reaction when we tell them how many we want.
In terms of how i´m doing, i´m loving the office. All in all I would call it a time to think. My entiremission, a lot of things were very obvious for example doing my studies. Or not waisting my time. When I got into the groove of things, it felt natural putting all my time and energy into the work. But now that i´m here I have a million other things I could do instead of studying and no one would even notice if I didn´t but I have to make a constant effort every day to do my studies. I could also just waist the whole day messing around on the computer and no one would say anything. Being here is teaching me a different side of sacrifice and is forcing me to develop a different kind of passion to do what is right. I would say I am experiencing a boost of personal growth.
It´s crazy to look at pictues ofdisneylandcalifornia, camping, blue hair, and the family. Sometimes I forget that there is a world outside of Chile so keep sending them!
I also got the package. It was exactly what I wanted/needed for the office. I have a lot of time to snack but they don´t have very good snacks here. I also love thewashington and seattle stuff. Now I have a conversation starter when people are in the office.
Well that's it for now. It´s almost 6 and we still have to eat lunch.

Elder Thompson

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