Friday, July 25, 2014


In my time in Chile, I haven´t been able to tell if there are actually more crazy people here or if being a missionary forces me to work with them more. Our office is also in a more sketchy area of the city so we get the worst of the worst. For example, across the street there is a dirty hotel that rents rooms by the hour. And every night around 10 there will be manly looking women who are definitely not dressed for how cold it is standing out it front. People will also ring our doorbell at least once a day to ask for money.

On the way back from another trip to the south we were passing through a small town at like 10ish. We were driving through a dark foresty part when we saw two lights off in the distance. Because of the thick fog we couldn´t tell if it was a car or two motorcycles. We got a little closer and we saw that they were right in our lane so we slowed down. As we realized what it was, these two 40 year old women with flashlights and the darkest, most hollowed out faces ran twords us, screaming and making obscene gestures. While screaming ourselves, we went around them and quickly sped off. We still aren´t sure what we saw.

Besides all that, this week was bacially spent infront of a computer screen. By day two we both felt gross and unhealthy. I guess our bodies have gotten used to walking literaly all day. So thanks to my comps mom, who is a health coach, we now have our diet/physical activity all planned out for this week. We went running today and we both died so we´ll see how it´s going in a week.

My studies have gotten a lot more interesting now that I have a computer. I´m pretty excited to read talks and books a ton after the mission. If you haven´t seen it yet, check out It´s the best.

Till next week!

Elder Thompson

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