Monday, March 16, 2015

Mi hijo

Well, this week I gave birth to Elder Minson. He's a gringito from new mexico. This week has been pretty fun helping him get use to the mission life. This week we worked super hard and had some cool lessons but at the same time, no one came to church and a couple really cool people that we had been teaching for a while told us not to pass by anymore. That is always a really sad experience. But as always, I have the hope that some day, other missionaries will find them and they will be ready.

On sunday we helped an old lady paint her house. It took a couple hours and when we finished she asked us to do the second coat. We couldn't really say no so we finished the second coat right when we needed to be in our house. But it was a good experience. At one point a bunny jumped into the pan of paint and hopped around the room and painted everything. 

For pday today we decided we were going to make our house the best house in the mission. we called some people and got our hands on a wood stove for our living room. We also got a bunch of cleaning supplies and garden tools and now everything looks spotless. And someone in our ward gave us an oven. I still don't know why, I asked him and he just responded with "because it's for you."

Our new zone is full of a lot of my old friends so whenever we do stuff as a zone, I always come out with a six pack from laughing too much. It makes for a good refresher every once in a while.

Thats about it. Have a good week!

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