Monday, March 2, 2015

Morning sickness

This morning I woke up with some unexpected morning sickness. Later a got a call that this transfer I'm going to have a kid. A brand new missionary. They get here tomorrow and I'll find out which one is mine on wednesday. Exciting stuff!

I think I commented a little on this last wednesday but this week we witnessed a straight up miracle. Last sunday Luis showed up to the chapel asking to get baptized. We explained that there is a process but he insisted that it be quick. So we decided to get together every day. For some reason he was able to understand everything right away. Lots of things were new to him but at one time he said "because of what I feel when I am here, I will believe anything you tell me." So he instantly left everything bad behind and committed himself to a better life. On Saturday morning he passed his baptismal interview and was baptised later that day. 
Now, this guy has been through a lot trying to leave behind this "heavy backpack" of guilt and feel better but nothing had worked. That's what made it so cool to see him come out of the font with so much less stress in his face. On sunday he was confirmed and told us that he is going to start working towards baptising his whole family.

You never know what will happen next on the mission.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. I bought 5,000 pesos chilenos worth of pens today. I finally snapped from being tired of lame pens. Also, everything is super expensive here so what is 10 dollars here would be like 3 in the states.

Love you all!

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