Monday, May 4, 2015

Rainy day baptism

On Saturday Olga got baptized. We found her about three months ago and we had an awesome couple of lessons with her but after that we kind of lost contact. She was always sick, she had a ton of family problems, and she was trying to start a business. We didn't know but she had kept reading the book of mormon. She said that it gave her such a peace that she couldn't even go a day without reading it.

Not very many people showed up to the baptism because it was raining but it was still a cool experience.

On friday another ward asked me to play the guitar for their talent show. So another elder and I played some jack Johnson and some death cab. It didn't sound very good at all but it saved their talent show because the only other person with a talent was someone who cited poetry.

This sunday is mothers day. Which means it's my final skype sesh. We are probably going to do it at like 7:00 pm my time.

Well, i'll see you all in a couple days

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