Wednesday, September 18, 2013

week 1 in Chile

I don`t have a creative title, nor do I have much time so bear with me.

Ok I’m going to do this like I did with my first week in the MTC.

Traveling to Chile:
Was easy, fast, and sleepy. I slept on the first leg of 10 hours and it felt like only an hour or so. Then the 5 hour layover went fast because we had to leave the airport and then go back through security for some reason. But I can`t complain becase it was something to do.

My area: The city of Lota. It`s on the shore and about an hour south of Concepcion. It`s also really really hilly. Sometimes it`s almost too steep for cars. I have never worn so many layers in my life as well. It`s cold and going inside gives no relief because the houses are like something I would build in the backyard. But we made ours comfy. The mornings are probably the coldest. I wear all my sweaters and a coat with my 3 thick wool blankets and taking all that off to take a shower is a trial every morning. Summer is coming though and apparently it gets a lot warmer.

The language:
It`s different. The first appointment I went to I didn`t understand a single word. not even a si or a bien. They speak ridiculously fast as well. Which wouldn’t be that bad if the finished their words. But I’m learning and I’m started to play a bigger roll in our lessons. A very small roll but I am playing it.

People: are awesome. They are all nice and pretty funny which is a good environment to be in when you don`t know the language. And being a gringo isn`t that bad here either. Only youth and people on drugs yell at us. And they all yell random fraces such as "i`ll pay for that" or "goodbye" and they have a good time. And the worst they have done is shot me with a BB gun. 

Alright I really have to go. I`m writing on Thursday because today is 18, a big holiday in Chile, like unto Christmas. I will tell you all about it on Monday, my actual pday. Oh also, my companions name is elder ramòn and he’s from Spain and speaks about as much English as I speak Spanish. He is a really cool guy though and I’m really blessed to have him as a trainer. I also didn`t have time to read any of the emails so don’t feel offended if I didn’t respond.

All right, till Monday. Love you guys


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