Monday, January 27, 2014

Member missionary work

We spend a lot of time looking for people and we are doing very minimal finding so we are working on what is called a family mission plan and it´s looking good. It gives member families the chance to do missionary work like we do. The plan goes a little like this: first, each person of the family picks somebody they know, writes down the name and the date that they want the plan completed. 

Step 1: Gain confidence through service. So basically be their friend and do some kind of act of service to show them they you care.

Step 2: Invite them to you house or an activity with the family. Through example they will see that your family has something different that they want.

Step 3: Invite them to an activity in the church. This gets rid of the fear of a Mormon chapel that many people apparently have and also shows them that all the families here have that same difference.

Step 4: Invitation to church on Sunday. 

Step 5: Invitation to talk to missionaries.

We have been passing by many of the members in our branch this week and teaching them the plan and they all seem pretty stoked. This coming week we have appointments we some of the people we found this week so I’m pretty stoked too. 

In order to help out with this plan we as missionaries have to provide a lot of activities in the church. If any of you guys have Ideas of cool activities to do, I would love to hear them. The only activities they every do here is soccer so we are trying to get creative and do something else as well.

So that's about it this week. It´s a lot of the same thing every week so I don´t have much to write about. This coming week should be good though. My Spanish is getting a lot better now that I don´t speak English anymore. My accent on the other hand is still very gringo. I still can´t pronounce the rr sound. But I´ve come to peace with that fact.

The church is true, 3 Nephi really is the best

Elder Thompson

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