Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gettin big

This week we basically acted as normal missionaries. We planed in the morning, called to confirm appointments, and went to San Pedro to visit people. Every once in a while we have been able to get out but there is always another project/emergency/deadline. This week we had nothing to do, so we just went for it. The first day we only had an hour and a half but we found three new people and set a baptismal date! The other days weren't as fruit full but equally as fun.

On wednesday we had to travel down the coast to help some missionaries move into their new house in the middle of the wilderness. It was tough on the minivan but really pretty.

Yesterday we were able to get our hands on a golds card. That means 20% off GNC products. We took it as a sign that we need to finally buy whey protein. I have been wanting to, but it is over twice the price down here and no one has that kind of money. Now that we have a healthy way to get the protein we need, we are finally putting the p90x videos to good use. You probably don´t care about any of that but it´s a big advancement for us.

That´s about it for the week. I put up the rest of the Antuco pictures on dropbox. Also, after today i´ll be using the windows thing that dad sent me instead of dropbox.

Love you guys! have a good conference!

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