Saturday, October 18, 2014


For the past couple of months we have been working on a program called el rescate. It´s something that almost all the missions in Chile are doing to be able to clean up the church record system MLS. We have been working with the founders of el rescate over skype to get it set up for a while and this week we finally started it in the mission. That means doing an hour and a half long skype training with each of the ten zones. We started on wednesday and have done about two a day. I didn´t realize how much planning, thinking, starting over, running trial groups, waiting, and training goes into starting a program. But now the ball is rolling and there is even more work to do. 

Besides that, we have been able to get out to work every day. Our investigators are still progressing and one of them went to church! Also that same sunday we ate lunch with one of the rich members in the ward. And when people in Chile are rich, they are very rich. For lunch we ate stake, potatoes and blood sausage which I had never tried before. I´m still not sure if I like it.

President Bluth invited us over to his house to eat a big american breakfast to celebrate Elder Reynolds' birthday. I forgot how good we are at breakfast in the states. I don´t think anything can compare.

That´s about it, talk to you next week!

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