Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Miracles Continue

Seriously, I don´t know whats happening but we have been seeing miracle after miracle. We found an 18 year old from Spain that "has been looking for truth for a long time" and she "want´s to follow christ and get baptized but just doesn´t know how she can be sure." She already read a big chunk of the book of mormon and was able to tour the chapel. 

Time after time we keep finding ourselves exactly where we need to be. I don´t know what changed but i´m liking it.

This week we also had to make a couple trips around the mission. The first trip we went down to Los Angeles but we took a shortcut on a dirt road that ended taking the same amount of time. On the positive side, it was absolutely beautiful going into the chilean countryside where most people only travel by horse and buggy (not an exaggeration). We got back a little late but were still able to teach an awesome lesson. That morning we were surprised with a flat tire. We probably should have expected that since it is a minivan. But, 2 and half hours later we were on the road down the coast. A road I think I have referred to as the chilean highway 101. I would suggest it to anyone going to Chile.

This week I have also started to get up a half an hour early to do exercises. A feat that I have never accomplished before.

For pday today we are just going to hang out in Concepción and maybe watch one of the church movies again. We´ll see.

Love you all! 

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