Monday, February 9, 2015


Good news: I got accepted to BYU Hawaii. I haven't decided yet but if I don't get into Provo, I am probably going to Hawaii.
Anyways, this week was hard. It was probably the hardest I have ever worked at something in my life. We did all that we can but nothing was turning out. We were talking with everyone, planning better than ever but NO ONE was in there house. This week we got the address and phone number of more than 70 people and when we planned an appointment no one showed up. Our days were full of at least like 10 appointments and they all fell. I think I might still be getting used to being out here again.
On saturday we started a fast to be able to have someone progress and all of a sudden, almost half of the appointments were there! Baby steps!
For pday we are just getting things clean and organized. President will be visiting all of the houses next month so we are going to get everything organized. That's about everything for the week.
Love you all! 

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