Monday, February 16, 2015

It's still hot out

This week was another week.

It started out pretty good. Actually it started out really good. We found some people that we had lost contact with because of vacations, work, etc. and had some cool experiences with them. Actually, to be more specific, we were teaching María José who was pretty cool but she wasn´t really into it. So we left her the challenge to read the book of mormon from the beginning and we left her the promise that she WILL start growing a testimony if she does it right. So she did it, and after two weeks without talking to her we found her in her house and she told us she wants to get baptized. The Book of Mormon does it again. But seriously, it is one powerful book.

A similar situation happened the next day, he had lost his book of mormon but even though his family was on vacations up north, he went alone to church for the first time. He also wants to get baptized.

Long story short, the church is true.

Unfortunately, on friday in the morning I came down with a fever and the weirdest bowl behavior and was bed stricken for till sunday morning. I'm fine now but it was a weird weekend.

Thanks for all your support and emails. Have a good week!

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