Monday, October 14, 2013

A whole new world

The mission is so much different with Elder Cannon. In a good way. We are working harder than I have worked so far. Things are really scattered though because we are still setting up for operation Alma (soul) which in short designates an companionship in each sector (us) to work with members, new members, and less actives. So all this week has been meeting with members to build up a member missionary force so that in a week or so we can do some serious work. It`s going to be good

Again, I didn`t have pday today because they called us last night and said we need to travel to Concepcion again to do visa stuff. I`m really hoping that I’ll get one next week because there is a lot of things I need to buy and stuff to prepare. Also, I am already technically over time so I can`t put up pictures again.

It is more common for people to be missing teeth than it is for people to have all their teeth. At least in Lota.

I found out why Spanish is so hard to understand. The Spanish here is not only really fast but it`s mixed with the native language of the Mapuche Indians. conveniently, they only mix words in and not too much grammar so people will still be able to understand me when I get back.

Today in Concepcion we got to go to a mall and eat a burger. Everything seemed big and clean. The burger was also super good. But with it all, I felt really out of place. Then I realized that that is how home is. I didn`t think I would be accustomed to Chile that fast.

Nate, I hear you`re driving now. That’s a weird thought. It feels like I was just in your shoes. Just remember that while you are learning to drive, everybody else on the road can just deal with it. Take you`re time and don`t stress.

Alright that’s all. I`ll send a better letter next week. I hope.

Love you guys

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