Monday, October 7, 2013

Conferencia genial

First, to explain the title, in Spanish, general conference is said conferencia general and genial means (roughly) awesome. So theres a little Spanish pun for you.

Like usual, I didn`t get a pday again today because there was a meeting at the mission office and we are already past our pday time so this will be short. I`m hoping that next week will be my first p day and i`ll actually be able to do stuff. 

Well, Elder Ramòn went home. The plan was to be with the other missionaries in the house in a trio, which I was really excited about, but the night before E` Ramòn left, there were some complications with incoming missionaries and I got a new comp. I have no doubt this was supposed to happen because he is seriously awesome. Very different, but really good. He is basically me, if I was a lot cooler. People actually make jokes about how similar we are and how much of a coincidence it is that we are together.

I`m with Rachel in the "this is the worst keyboard ever" boat.

After the meeting in Concepcion, we took the long way to the bus station and we found a guitar for about 20,000 pesos. And my comp straight up bought it for me. I protested but he just did it. That's about 40 bucks in USD. So now I have a guitar. I`m pretty happy about that. That's an understatement. 

Alright got to go. Love you guys, as usual. 

Elder Thompson

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