Monday, October 21, 2013


I don`t think I have ever needed a break from something this badly before. Hopefully a whole transfer without a Pday will make me appreciate them more. Today we went to Parke Lota, the property of the Spanish guy who owned the big mine here. It was actually pretty ridiculous. We also finally got to go out and buy stuff. I bought a sweet sweater made of llama that everybody here has.

This is the typical schedule: 
7:00am- Wake up, eat, shower, get ready and stuff.
8:30am- personal study
9:30am- comp study 
11:30am-spanish study/planning 
1:30pm lunch
2:30pm Work
10:00pm return to house
11:00pm sleep

I haven`t yet talked about what we have been doing so here it is. Lota has 1,500 members but 90 actives members and about 30 less-actives. That’s bad. And it`s because the last mission president only focused on baptisms. He was darn good at it but bautismo is not the end. So our goal is to strengthen the 90, and activate the 30. We came up with a plan that has to do with visiting/home teachers and organization and if done right, will change the Lota branch. We ran our plan past some of the leaders in the branch and they were really surprised by how hard core it is. Then we set up a meeting with the branch president and he was totally on board with everything and basically put the branch in our hands. We are even technically the branch secretarios right now too. 

Besides that we also have a family of 3 that we are teaching. We found them when I was practicing contacts and they let us come over. When we came, the guy was waiting with juice and cookies and basically said, "alright, give me what you have" so we taught a quick lesson based off his questions and now he has a date to be baptized. I have never been in a better lesson than that. His family couldn`t have been more prepared. Except for the fact that the parents both smoke and aren´t married, that`s just a minor set back.

My Spanish is starting to get better too. I can understand about 40% now. In videos and radios, it`s like 75% but with chilenos it`s still 40. 

Chilean food of the day: monte con wasìo. It`s a peach drink with this grain stuff and a dried apricot in the bottom. It`s way better than it sounds/looks. 

Love you family. Thanks for all the updates of how things are going! 

Elder T

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