Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Sick

Not me but elder Kelly from the house got sick this week. And when someone gets sick, the sector really takes a hit. But I can`t complain about that because poor elder Kelly lost 10 pounds in 3 days from being so sick. Basically all this week was taking turns staying in the house with him so it was like one big split. It made for an interesting week.

As a service activity this week, we went to the beach and cleaned up garbage. After it was done, we walked home because there aren`t any busses, or really any roads, but we found a really cool part of the sector which looked like a mix of an old western town and a beach town. I took a lot of cool pictures but my card is being weird so it might be a while before I put them up.

I was reflecting on my time as a missionary and in all the time I have been here, I have only taught about 15 lessons. Most the time we are trying to find people or working with the branch. I was trying to figure out why that is, because the surrounding sectors all have like 5 people per companionship with a baptismal date. Then I found out that Lota is the communist capital of Chile. Considering how strongly uncommunist the US is, we gringos are not really accepted here. On top of that, 90% of the people here are part of the evangelical church. I don`t know how that church does things in other parts of the world but the pastors here tell the people that we missionaries are evil and that they should never talk to us. That explains why some people have an irrational fear to talk to us. But despite all this, we have 2 awesome progressing investigators. The other elders in our house are going to baptize the coolest family ever aswell. Talk about miracles.

I`m going to start sending physical letters now that I have supplies, so be ready for that.

Today we went to a town called Arauco and hiked around then played music with the missionaries there. It was a worthy Pday.

Love you guys

Elder Thompson

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