Sunday, November 17, 2013

The usual door to door Halloween

I got the package last week! It`s perfect and it came surprisingly fast. I forgot how awesome Archie McPhees is.

The package helped make up for how long of a day it was on Halloween. When we were doing our planning, we realized that we have nothing to do. So the entire day we just contacted on the streets and didn`t have a single person who was even slightly interested. Halloween here is over shadowed by the anniversary of the evangelical church and they are generally very "in your face" people. So out in the streets was probably not the smartest place to be.

 I`m getting to the point with my Spanish that I can express most basic ideas but it`s still really bad. So people no longer think that I’m just new, but that I’m stupid or just bad at Spanish. I have had 2 people in the past couple of days tell me straight up "wow your Spanish is really bad." They aren`t wrong but it turns out that their are a lot of people who are just racist. And it`s not racist in the joke making way but there are people who genuinely hate us as if we killed someone they loved. I`m starting to understand what people yell at us in the streets and interesting how that is socially acceptable.

People point with their lips here. they pucker up then point their face in the direction of interest.

To answer some of your questions, we write emails in a "cyber" which is a room with a bunch of computers in it and you pay by the minute. My companion is Elder Cannon, from Utah. I have no idea where I’m going to be for Christmas. I could be in a big city, I could be up in the mountains. I`m hoping that I stay here in Lota for Christmas because I already know all the Ward members. And they are cool.

Speaking of, there is someone in our Ward who is studying environmental law which explains enough about her. She cooked us a vegetarian meal, showed us these cool teas and talks about all the cool places to go bike camping. It reminds me of home.

We found this guy the other day who might be the coolest Chilean. He went to Santiago to make it big with his grunge band and did just that. But he got swallowed up in the lifestyle and before he new it, he couldn`t even play music because he was killing himself with drugs. So he stopped, gained 60 pounds back, packed up a bag and the equivalent of 50 dollars and walked south for a few months. Now he`s back and is trying everything he can to become a better person. And that is exactly why we are here as missionaries. To help people have the tools that make that a lot easier.

For pday today we went to Concepcion again and bought stuff. I think next week we are going paintballing in an old Factory.

All right, that’s all I have this week. Love you guys!

Elder Thompson

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