Sunday, November 17, 2013

week # something

Sometimes I forget I’m on a mission. The last couple of months went by so fast and I thought I hadn’t accomplished much but our zone got new missionaries and I realized how different I am. I have changed afùl (Chilean for "to the max"). It`s really easy to lose yourself in the work even when you don`t have anyone to teach. Then all of a sudden, you have been in Chile for a while. Moral of the paragraph is that time is weird in the mission. I have always heard that but I never really understood. 

This past week we have been working afùl (it`s a very useful word) with church organization. My comp and the zone leaders are going to Concepciòn this week to present our plan to the president and hopefully it will change the world or something because we have put a lot into it. 

For pday today we went paintballing in an old broken down factory with the zone. It was probably one of the more hard-core things I have done in my life. It was only the equivalent of 10 USD for everything. I wish I took pictures but I was a little distracted. 

Elder Holland went to San Pedro, a town just south of Concepciòn and officially announced that a new temple is going to be built in Concepciòn. This is going to help so many people! 

That’s all that really happened this week. I`m going to start carrying my camera in my pocket and take tons of pictures of everything so I don`t regret not doing it.

Elder Paul 

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