Saturday, November 1, 2014

Día de Todos los Santos

This week has won the award of one of the craziest. Actually now that I think about it, there has been crazier but it was still pretty hectic.

This weekend we have transfers and we haven´t done anything to prepare. We also had every day full of appointments and our truck was having problems so we sent it in to get fixed. I never realized how hard it would be trying to juggle being a missionary with investigators and a ward and at the same time have to run everything in office. Sometimes I can only halfway do each job but in the end I do what I can do and it´s worth it.

It seems like the more money you have in Chile, the more english you know. Whenever we knock doors in the rich parts we almost always find someone who speaks english. The other day I taught my first lesson in Spanglish. I would start a sentence in Enlglish then forget a word and just continue in Spanish and the investigator would do the same. 

For pday today we went to the Cemetery in Concepción, which is giant. Today is "the day of all the saints" at least that is the literal translation, i´m not sure what they call it in english. But basically everyone, and I mean everyone, goes to the cemetery with flowers, brooms, and alcohol to communicate with their loved ones on the other side. We put a table out with some pamphlets about the plan of salvation and we just went around talking to people. Being that it is a national holiday and it was pretty sunny, most people were pretty nice so it was a fun experience. Plus, south american Cemeteries are very extravagant. The bigger, flashier, more catholic, intricate the grave, the more you love the person who died. Or something like that.

It looks like this transfer i´m staying but I will be training my new companion to work in the office. This time I could basically pick my companion so it will be a fun time.

As far as Halloween, it was a normal day. It´s not very big here but we still had some cake the color of a pumpkin that the senior couple made. I also bought Guava juice in celebration.


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