Saturday, November 8, 2014

La Locura 3.0

I was kind of worried about having to make that skype call but I´m really glad we could end up doing it. Thanks for getting it all set up and working. It makes me excited for skyping again in a couple months.

The second I finished the call, La Locura started. My old comp Elder Herron went back as a normal missionary and my new comp Elder Manscill came. This group was fairly small; 10 leaving and 14 coming in, but it was a lot more crazy. That might be due to the fact that I had to learn a new job and teach someone my old job or because we didn't prepare or make plans before hand. Whatever it was, we got it done in the end.

Durring one of the trainings with the new missionaries, all the Latin American missionaries would laugh at my Chilean vocabulary so I tried to avoid those words and I couldn´t think of any other way to say things. I´m going to have to learn spanish again once I leave this country.

We have already made two trips with my new comp. The first to Lota and the Second to Lebu. I just realized that those were both my old wards. In Lebu we had to close down a house. The missionaries had left about a week earlier and had just destroyed the house before they left. Luckily we were able to save some stuff and filled the back of the van to the point that we could literally not fit anything else in. Not even a toaster.

A couple weeks back we taught Vanessa about the law of the fast. She has accepted everything that we say but when it came down to not eating for 24 hours she said it was impossible. We told her that the only way to find out if it was possible was to try it. This week, without even telling us, she decided to try it. Afterwards she mentioned that she has no doubt it´s something god wants us to do because of how good she felt and how clear her mind was. As for now, She gets baptised next week!

I got the package! and it was giant! My comp and I decided to save it for when we make big trips, which we have to do a lot of.

For pday today we are just going to relax. We need it.

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